Fave Fonts Friday – 10 Free Slab Serif Fonts

It’s Friday, so that means more free fonts, yay! Today’s post features some free slab serif fonts. These fonts would be best used in large headlines, not for smaller reading fonts. Click on the font name below the image to be directed to the website where you can download the font and install on your computer.

Favorite free slab serif fonts at Paisley Petal Events

Acknowledgement  |  Weston  |  Chapparal Pro (should be on your computer)  |  Pottery Barn  |  Rockwell (should be on your computer)  |  Varsity Regular  |  Biondi (should be on your computer)  |  Rockwell Condensed  |  Playbill  |  Zantroke  |  Museo Slab

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  1. ohhh love the pottery barn font! :)
    I have been using Chaparral Pro a lot lately too!


    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says:

      Yes! Both the Pottery Barn & Chaparral Pro are wonderful fonts! Thanks for stopping by Kendra!! xoxo

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